The Vault with Sonja Martinovic

The Vault is a representation of your locked potential and all about unlocking your success. I am interviewing influencers and successful people from all over the world.
They share their best tips to level up your mindset mastery, energy, sales, marketing, and thriving in business. Growth is our game and success our aim.

Crack your code and take the action towards your next level of success in Business and in Life.

I am Sonja Martinovic, mindset mastery, and online business coach. After a 15+ year successful career as an International Sales Manager, Certified Coach, and Trainer of the Sales Academy in Corporate. My life story led me to the decision to follow my Intuition in the highest form and build an impactful influencer’s business. I am obsessed with the alchemy of true transformation.

I am on a mission to help (aspiring) entrepreneurs remove limitations and mindset blocks towards growing a successful influencer’s business and have a ripple effect on the quality of people’s lives. It’s time to find the combination of what is holding you back and crack the Vault.
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